GM Rony Irianto

When I was a child (toddler), still can not walk / crawl, I felt something strange in me, something that I think that consciousness is the awareness of adults, continues at the age of 5 years, I have a desire to unite all religions, that desire is strong.

From childhood to adulthood, I suffered a very severe way of life until I had to migrate to Jakarta. In Jakarta I participated dg brother and my body was sick time until I learned reiki. Of this reiki, my knowledge of the spiritual through the roof especially after I found the technique of opening the third eye, kundalini practice and cultivation.

But the spiritual journey is morbidly smooth, and the stakes are much sacrifice my life and family. Some of the rulers of the darkness in Indonesia turned out to have been born since I know my life mission and purpose in this world, and those who make my life and family have suffered dg I failed the mission objectives and ill will never succeed, if my life allows me to walk away before the mission .

Fortunately, God gives the gift of incredible to me, there are 3 great Avatar who lived in the forehead and the foreheads of the effect of locking the rulers of this darkness and there since the very beginning of my birth. Dg fight the rulers of darkness is so fierce, they know if I will eventually jeopardize their existence.

In the end I found a cultivation technique in which the technique is all classes and religions can come together to achieve common ground, spiritual perfection by the uniqueness of each religion, class.
In order that I have a lot of science can be taught to all people with a level of intelligence is different, I tried to make a very simple method, very simple but very efficient and cover all areas of the energy in the universe, I was given the basic reiki, and experience from the use of reiki has finally created a method for solid Qrak 2004, contains only off-healing energy but includes all the things including the cultivation, etc. who has never existed anywhere in the world. Including techniques to achieve the Avatar the most people might be quite impossible because dg usual method takes hundreds to thousands of years but dg Qrak only takes a few minutes.

Qrak energy function at the level of Quark Atomic
Qrak energy contains a color:
Orange / Violet
Pink / Pink
Yellow Gold
Silver White / Silver
Transparent white

Dominant colors:
Pink / Pink

Eenergi Qrak flow from the palm of the hand to the target in the form of bursts instead of rolling like reiki in general.
In the energy cycle Qrak no energy, full of energy flow at all times.

Until now, every day Qrak energy evolved, and now has evolved into Qrak energy divine energy and is at a level smaller than Quark or rather a rank of 1 trillion, trillion, trillion dipangkat dipangkat 1 to infinity 1 trillion times smaller than Quark , has a long way above the level of Super Cosmic Divine One.
First the energy Qrak still easily seen by the third eye by having lots of color, but this time the practitioner Qrak level 1, the energy of a crystal clear color Qraknya look so hard to see the third eye, it just feels more energy flow.

Development of Q-RAK
“The development of scientific Qrak increasingly rising so rapidly. Lots of new dimensions and new potentials which had not previously been unthinkable is now emerging. Obviously a very rapid development of these has its own advantages, namely the fast, effective and efficient performance of healing and programming-programming that we make as well as application programming becomes more widely. But the very rapid development has also become very troublesome to the occurrence of changes affirmation, papers and books that are no longer relevant. Teaching sessions and often appear in a new invention that is sometimes more confusing old practitioners especially new practitioners. For that I apologize for any inconvenience arising from the rapid changes. But viewed from the positive side, many of which can be taken advantage by these changes and certainly if the healing process is faster and even programming-programming to be more empowered to be even more magical power, then those changes so we expect to be the greatest benefit for mankind and the universe. “

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